1st Notice- 2022 Annual Mtg Oct 6 @ 7pm

2022 Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders Poplar Heights Recreation Association, incorporated 


2022 Shareholder meeting: date and location 


  1. Notice is hereby given to all shareholders of Poplar Heights Recreation Association, incorporated, that pursuant to Article II, Section 1 of Poplar Heights Recreation Association’s (PHRA) bylaws, its annual meeting of shareholders shall be held Thursday, October 6, at 7:00 p.m. at Shrevewood Elementary School.


  1. This is the First Notice of the PHRA’s Annual Meeting and of the Board of Directors election that will be held on the above date at the above time. 


  1. There are no planned agenda items which require a shareholder vote.  


  1. If you would like to add an agenda item you should contact the secretary secretary2021@poplarheights.org and the president president@poplarheights.org by 5:00 p.m., Friday, September 23.  The president or his/her designee will also call for other agenda items from the floor. 


2022 board elections


  1. There are seven (7) board seats up for election. All seven seats are for a two-year term. Please consider running for the board! 


  1. If you are eligible and wish to run for a position on the board, you must contact the secretary (secretary2021@poplarheights.org) to express your intention to run by 5:00 p.m., Friday, September 23, for your name to appear on the approved Proxy Form and official Ballot.  A Shareholder of Record or a family member of the Shareholder of Record who is over the age of 21 is eligible to become a director, but only after the Shareholder of Record has been a member of the PHRA for at least one full year.


  1. Candidates are encouraged to submit a brief, one paragraph statement to the Secretary (secretary2021@poplarheights.org) along with their notice of intention to run, that will be shared with shareholders. 


  1. Write-in nominations may be made and/or candidacies may be declared up until the president or his/her designee closes the slate immediately prior to the vote at the annual meeting. 


Additional details related to the shareholder meeting


  1. Only those shareholders whose names are listed in PHRA’s Stock Transfer Book and who have paid their 2022 season’s annual dues or inactive fee as of seven days prior to the election may vote. 


  1. The recipient of the First Notice bears the name of the Shareholder of Record.  The name(s) of the Shareholder(s) of Record should be the same as the name(s) on the stock certificate, which all shareholders receive when they first become shareholders. If you have any questions about who should be listed as the Shareholder(s) of Record, you may contact the Registrar and cc: the Membership Committee chair via email (registrar@poplarheights.org, membership@poplarheights.org). 


  1. If two persons are listed on the Stock Transfer Book as Shareholders of Record, only one shareholder may vote in any election or on any matter requiring a shareholder’s vote. 


  1. PHRA provides a proxy system so that Shareholders of Record who are eligible to vote, but who cannot attend the annual meeting in person may participate in the election of directors and vote on any agenda item. This proxy system allows the shareholder to vote using an approved PHRA Proxy Form by either: (i) executing a General Proxy, where the shareholder designates a family member or another shareholder who is eligible to vote to cast a vote on their behalf; or, (ii) executing a Specific Proxy, which is like an absentee ballot and the shareholder makes his or her own decision. 


  1. The Second Notice of the annual meeting will include PHRA’s approved Proxy Form and will be e-mailed to the Shareholders at least ten days prior to the election. 


  1. The Second Notice will include the names of any known declared candidates and/or other agenda items and will also be posted on the PHRA website (poplarheights.org) along with any candidate statements. 
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