• Use of facilities is restricted to active Members and Renters and their guests for whom guest access fees have been paid.
  • All persons use PHRA facilities at their own risk. PHRA will not be responsible for any accident or injury in connection with such use or for loss of or damage to personal property.
  • Use of skateboards is strictly prohibited anywhere on PHRA facilities. Except for bicycles, all wheeled vehicles (e.g., mopeds, motorcycles, scooters) must be walked on paths.

Pool Area

  • All persons will take a shower, using soap, before entering the pool and before re-entering the pool after participating in active sports.
  • At the sound of thunder, the pool area, including the pools, pavilion area, and surrounding concrete decks, will be cleared for 45 minutes.
  • Anyone unable to demonstrate an adequate swimming ability to the lifeguards will not be permitted in water too deep to stand.
  • An adult must accompany each child who cannot swim and is using a floatation device. Children in the main pool using arm floaties, rings or other floatation devices must be within easy reaching distance of the accompanying adult.
  • No child using flotation devices may use the diving board or slide.
  • Children must be toilet trained to use the big pool.
  • Playing on the access steps into the main pool is not permitted.
  • Rest periods will be announced every hour before 8:00 P.M. All children under 14 will immediately clear the pool and pool decks for 15 minutes. Non-swimmer children, aged two years or younger, may remain with an adult.
  • Children who have been in the main pool may not move to the baby pool during the break.
  • Admission to the pool will be refused to all persons having any skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, colds, nasal or ear discharge, excessive sunburn, communicable or contagious diseases, or to those persons wearing bandages. Exceptions may be made upon presentation of a physician’s certificate.
  • The Pool Manager and lifeguards will maintain order within the pool and pool area, and, when necessary, the Pool Manager may restrict the privileges of any member for a period of time not to exceed 72 hours. The Board, following a recommendation of the Pool Manager, will determine periods of restriction more than 72 hours. When a child is being a persistent problem, the Pool Manager will use the “three strikes and you’re out policy”. Only the Pool Manager on duty can suspend a child for a day or longer.
  • Only authorized persons will be permitted in the pump and filtration rooms, guardroom, or office behind the registration counter; no loitering around the registration area is permitted.
  • At least one lap lane will be established at all times except when PHRA is hosting a swim meet or special event. A second lap lane may be added if needed or requested, at the discretion of the Pool Manager and based on the crowding level of the pool.
  • Lap lanes are restricted to lap swimmers and private lessons. Each person may use the lap lane for no more than 45 minutes within any two-hour period. Swimmers under 18, except those taking private lessons, will yield one lap lane to adults during normal operating hours.

Party Policies

  • Ten or more participants constitute a party. There must be at least one adult supervisor for every five children under the age of eight during a party. Non-member guests to a party must have guest passes.
  • Parties with 15 or more participants must be approved and scheduled with the Pool Manager. In order to avoid overcrowding the pool during peak usage times, all parties with 15 or more participants will be scheduled on a weekday.
  • The Pool Manager will not schedule two events with 15 or more participants for the same day.

The following activities are prohibited in the pool area

  • Running, pushing, horseplay, dunking, wrestling, and unnecessary splashing, and use of water pistol toys.
  • Spitting, or blowing the nose, etc., in the pool.
  • Standing or sitting on another’s shoulders or back in the pool.
  • Throwing objects into or from the pool. Hand size nerf-type balls will be permitted in the pool at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty during periods of low density.
  • Consuming food, drink, or chewing gum is permitted on the elevated deck and picnic areas. The board reserves the right to restrict eating on the elevated deck if it is deemed to be in the best interest of preserving the deck.
  • Glass containers or other sharp, breakable, or otherwise hazardous objects are not permitted on the pool deck or in the pool.
  • Using inner tubes with metal filler caps. The Pool Manager will determine when pool occupancy permits the use of acceptable floats, swim fins, etc. Kickboards are permitted for lap swimming only.
  • Playing of private radios or other sound equipment, except through earphones/plugs.
  • Pets are not permitted within the pool enclosure.
  • Changing diapers on the dining tables.

Tennis Area

  • The “practice” area may be reserved by the PHRA pro for tennis lessons. When not utilized for lessons, area use is limited to ½ hour when others are waiting. The practice area may not be used during PHRA team matches or tournament play.
  • Tennis courts are for playing tennis and other racquet or paddle sports only. Other uses, including soccer, hockey, and similar activities, are not allowed. Bicycles, roller skates, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, strollers, and other wheeled devices are NOT permitted on the courts.
  • Objects shall not be dragged or slid across the courts.
  • Food, glass containers and smoking are not permitted on the courts.
  • Non-members using PHRA’s tennis courts must be accompanied by a member and pay a guest fee.