Election Results

The Board of Director elections on November 27 drew an unusually high level of participation: 172 votes were cast by mail or in person, although 11 proxies were ruled invalid — 10 had been received after the Annual Meeting had adjourned, and one did not include a shareholder’s name or share number.  The final results for the seven vacancies on the Board of Directors are as follows:

Candidates, Votes Received

1.  Megan Pawlowski, 132
2.  Bill Bickel, 127
3.  Cary Meltzer, 125
4.  Cynthia Wilson, 124
5.  Shawn Kline, 123
6.  Dorothy Lange, 122
7.  Jim Nach, 118
8.  Sandy Kiersz, 53
9.  Jonathan Lang, 49
10. Mark Weitz, 48
11. Matt Borman, 42
12. Eric Maier,  42
13. Peter Gouvis, 38
14. Nicole Myers-Little, 26
15. Jennifer Rosholt-High, 1

The board wishes to thank all candidates for their willingness to serve, and welcomes their continued interest in developments at Poplar Heights over the coming year.


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PHRA Proxy 2018

Candidate Statements 2018

If submitting a proxy, please use your PHRA Share number (a 1 or 2 or 3 digit number).  This is not the same number you use at the front desk when entering the pool (a 4 digit number).  If you logon to the website, under Membership  -> Manage Account you will see your PHRA Share #.  Do not use the Account # on your proxy.