Annual shareholder meeting- Oct 19 @ 7pm

Dear Shareholders-

The annual meeting is planned for:

Tuesday, October 19, 2021, at 7:00 pm in a hybrid format: in person at the Shrevewood Elementary School Cafeteria (7525 Shreve Rd, Falls Church, VA 22043) and via Zoom.  

For in person participation, the Fairfax County Public School policy for community use of school facilities is: “mask and social distancing measures are still expected for all indoor usage…”  Otherwise, shareholders are invited to participate virtually by Zoom.

Please click here for zoom info.

Please click here for the second notice (please note the zoom information has been removed from the online version of the second notice but can be accessed via the link above), proxy, candidate statements, and a message from the president of the board regarding agenda item # 2, pool resurfacing and assessment.

These documents will also be mailed.  For shareholders overseas, we recommend you print and mail your proxy as soon as possible so it can be received in time to be counted.

Shareholders are invited to vote by mailing your proxy to the Registrar (please mail no later than October 14) or delivering your proxy to the Registrar at Shrevewood Elementary on October 19th from 6:00-7:00 pm in front of the school, prior to the annual shareholder meeting, or at the annual shareholder meeting.

There are six (6) board seats up for election and two agenda items that require a shareholder vote:

  1. Approval of pool resurfacing at an expected cost not to exceed $170,000 and to be funded by an assessment of $500 per shareholder, due in two installments of $250 each in December 2021 and March 2022.
  2. Approval for heater replacements at an expected cost of $53,000 and to be funded by current cash reserves.

The following individuals have declared their candidacy for the Board (an asterisk identifies an incumbent board member):

  1. Armstrong, Sue
  2. Berry, James*
  3. Carnevale, Greg
  4. Grossmann, John*
  5. Nach, Jim*
  6. Neubig, Margaret
  7. O’Grady, Dan*
  8. Reskusic, Nick*
  9. Robyak, Todd
  10. Thompson, Kelsey
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