Board Meeting – 4/12/23 @7:30PM

Dear Members-

The PHRA board plans to meet on Wednesday, April 12th via zoom. Zoom Login Info is available only when you are logged into your PHRA account.

The PHRA board president, Marc DeLuca, proposes the following agenda:

1. Approval of the March, 2023 Board meeting minutes
2. Treasurer Report: Financial report to include dues collection and current cash balances and YTD statement
3. Committee discussions:
* Pool: Rob
1. Permit
2. Water turn on
3. Snack Bar (Todd)
4. Other
* Tennis: John
1. Light retro-fit
2. Other
* Membership: James
1. Shareholders to 350
* Grounds: Greg
1. Update on cameras
2. Ground clean-up (special thanks to Susan Janec)
3. Other
* Events & Social: Kelsey
1. Food Trucks
2. Happy Hour meet & greet
* Long Range & Capital: Marc
1. Railing Project
2. New PHRA sign
3.Approached about a gym
4. Open Discussion

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