Next board meeting: September 16

The next meeting of the PHRA board is scheduled for September 16 at 8 p.m.   It will be a virtual meeting.  Ideally, these board meetings are held in public settings and all members can attend, but the COVID-19 crisis has complicated things.  The board still has much work to be done so must resort to a video conference instead.  A call-in number will be provided with the posted agenda so that interested members can listen in to the board’s discussion.

The draft Minutes from the meeting will be posted as soon as possible, to keep the membership informed.

Please note that when live meetings are permitted, it is the board’s practice to offer a comment/question section for attendees at the beginning of the meeting.  It is not a townhall forum.   For the duration of the meeting, shareholders in attendance are there as observers only and are asked not to interrupt during board discussions.