Dear Members:  As we prepare for another great summer at Poplar Heights, there are several things we ask that you keep in mind:

— Sign in every time you come to the clubhouse.  This is an insurance requirement to prove that we can account for who is in our facility.  The lifeguard on desk duty will ask for your membership number, and will make a note in your file on our computer system, and will check off who is with you.  Please be patient if there are others ahead of you in line waiting to sign in.

— Have your photo taken.  This is a new feature, and your photo will be included in your account.  You are welcome to post your own photo on your PHRA website account if you prefer.

— Be prepared to pay for your guests.   The fee remains unchanged from previous years: $5.   We hope you will soon be able to pay with a credit card if that is easier for you; it is also our preference.  Otherwise a check or cash is fine.

At this time the check-in folks can not take credit cards. But you can buy them by logging onto your account (see HomePage).

— Your children’s nanny must also pay a $5 guest fee each time she comes to the pool, unless she is listed on your membership account (which is probably the best approach to ensure a smooth entry for your caregiver).

— Parties of 15 or more participants must be approved and scheduled by the pool manager.  To avoid over-crowding the pool during peak usage periods, parties of 15 or more participants cannot be scheduled on weekends.

— Please be respectful to our lifeguards.  They have been well-trained and are primed to be both vigilant and responsive to your needs.  We rely on them to enforce the rules.  If you have complaints, please direct them to us.

Have a great summer!