1. All members and guests using pool facilities must register at the pool reception desk before
2. All members and guests must enter and exit the pool facilities at the main entrance and not side
3. Any person who uses or attempts to use pool facilities at any time other than when they are
officially open and under the supervision of the Pool Manager and/or his/her staff shall be subject
to disciplinary action.
4. All members, their children, and guests, shall use the pool and pool facilities at their own risk.
PHRA WILL NOT be responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal property or for articles
checked with the Pool Manager or his/her assistants or registrars.
5. Property damage to PHRA, incurred or caused by a member, one of their family members, or
their guest shall constitute an obligation to PHRA by that member.
6. Abusive or profane language or breach of peace will not be tolerated on the premises.
7. Food is to be allowed in the concrete area under the gazebo, on the upper deck,
and in the grassy areas on the upper and lower decks only. Food is not allowed on the deck area
around the pool.
8. Smoking or Vaping of any kind is prohibited inside the pool boundaries, including all grass areas.
9. The Pool Manager is required to ensure that the Pool capacity, as set forth in the Fairfax County
Ordinance is always complied with.
10. Lifeguards are in full charge of the pool area and have authority covering the conduct of all
members and guests.
11. At his/her discretion, the Pool Manager shall order the closing of the pool due to inclement
weather conditions.
12. Loitering in the bathhouse is prohibited. (Please limit shower to 15 minutes)
13. Only lifeguards and management personnel are permitted in the office area.
14. Only bathing suits are permitted in the swimming pool. PHRA is a family club and we ask that all ladies and gentlemen err on the side of modesty in attire for your family and guests.
15. The Pool Snack Bar stops serving in accordance with the pool hours of operation.
18. Playing of private radios or other sound equipment, except through ear phones/plugs is prohibited.
19. Rafts, inner tubes, and similar items shall be prohibited from the pool except on designated raft
20. PHRA Members, staff, and guests, children or adults, should be mutually respectful at all times. Any offensive or aggressive behavior will result in disciplinary action up to and including temporary loss of facility access and/or permanent loss of use to include the repurchase of a shareholders share.
1. All bathers are required to take a shower before entering the pool.
2. At the discretion of the manager, admission shall be refused to anyone who has a cold, cough,
skin discharge, open sores, excessive sunburn, any communicable disease, or bandages of any
3. Expectoration is prohibited (i.e, no spitting, no blowing of noses, etc)
4. Pets of any kind are not permitted within the pool premises.
5. A rest period shall be called for 15 minutes of each hour, and all children under the age of 14
shall be required to leave the pool and remove themselves from the vicinity of the pool edge until the rest period has been declared terminated by the Pool Manager or his/her staff. However, children who are receiving a swim lesson, as described under pool activities, may remain in the pool. 
6. All children 3 and under are required to wear swim diapers and be within arm’s reach of an adult
while in the big pool.
1. Glass containers or breakable objects of any type are not allowed within the pool area.
2. Running is not permitted within the pool area.
3. Boisterousness or rough play is not permitted.
4. Use of the wading pool is limited to children 6 years of age and younger. Children restricted to the wading pool may be admitted only if a responsible adult is present in the wading pool area.
5. Non-swimmers are restricted to the shallow area of the pool.
6. Children under 11 years of age are not permitted in the pool area without parental supervision or
registered nanny.
7. Unaccompanied children must be at least 16 years of age to bring guests.
8. Children under 10 years of age must pass a swimming test before they are allowed to go off the
diving board.
9. Throwing children while in the pool is prohibited.
10. Children wearing flotation devices of any kind must be within arm reach of a parent. The parents
must be in the water.
1. Swim lessons are available on several levels from beginners to Lifesaving for both children and
adults. Private lessons are available. These lessons are taught by the pool lifeguards and swim team members only.
2. PHRA’s swim team, the Crush, competes in the Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL) and includes dual meets, all-star competition, a relay carnival, and a Divisional meet.
3. All instruction is conducted under the supervision of the swimming professional.
Members, families, nannies, and guests are required to register at the pool registration desk.
There is a max of 5 guests per family per day.