Special Meeting – Tennis Renovation Project 6/27/24 @ 7:30PM

The PHRA Board plans to hold a special meeting relating to the Tennis Renovation Project on Thursday, June 27th at 7:30PM.

The meeting will be held in person at the Tennis pavilion (not the pool pavilion — there is a party for 11-18 year olds going on at the same time so don’t go there!!).

During the meeting we will discuss any questions anybody has, and electronic voting results received up to that point.

Reminder of the Bylaw criteria governing this vote, per Article VII, Section 11:
* Shareholders in good standing are only eligible to vote
* We have to do this Shareholder vote because the expense will cost more than $50,000.
* This project is being considered because more than the majority of the Board of Directors recommend it.
* Per Article II, Section 4, approximately 150 shareholder votes need to be received to establish a quorum for the vote to be official.
* Of the number of votes received and assuming a quorum is reached, the majority percentage will determine the outcome. 

The period allowed to vote has been extended to 8:30PM on 6/27—- idea being that members can come to the special meeting if they have questions and then cast their vote soon thereafter. Paper ballots will also be available for any shareholders who wish to vote at the meeting.

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