Our annual spring Work Day weekend will be April 27-28. 9am – 5pm    In the event of rain, we will try May 4-5.

Meet neighbors and fellow club members.

Families that volunteer for at least four (4) hours of work will earn 10 guest passes.

What needs to be done:

General Clean Up:

Power wash concrete and pool decks
Clean pool chairs and chaise lounges
Pick up and bag sticks for trash firm
Pick up larger branches and pile them near Kennedy Street gate
Trim hedges
Weed inside pool area first
Weed along path from parking lot second

General Improvement

Move woodchips near field to playground site and the surrounding area
Move woodchips at Kennedy entrance to nearby paths
Mulch flower beds
Clean grills
Wash and place picnic tables (paint and repair if needed)
Weed volleyball court
Rake sand in volleyball court
Set up WiFi
Repair barbed wire along top of fence

What To Bring

Power washers
Hedge trimmer
Extension cords
Grill scraper/grill cleaner
Yard rakes
Gardening tools (hoes, spades, claws)
Snow shovels (best for wood chips)