Board Meeting 4/30/24 @ 7:30PM (includes Amended By-Law Discussion)

Dear PHRA Shareholders –

The Board of Directors is announcing a Shareholder meeting on Tuesday April 30th, 2024 to be held in person at Shrevewood Elementary School from 7:30 – 9:00PM. Shrevewood Elementary School is located at: 7525 Shreve Road Falls Church, VA 22043. Of special note is that this Board meeting includes discussion of our enhanced/amended By-Laws which have gone through multiple legal and Board reviews. The PHRA Board of Directors President Marc DeLuca proposes the following Agenda.

1. Approval of the March, 2024 Meeting Minutes
2. Treasurer Report: Financial Report
3. Committee Discussions
i. Pool

ii. Tennis
iii. Membership
4. Proposed Enhanced/Amended By-Law Discussion/Adoption (see Special Items below*)
5. Adjourn

Special Items*
In accordance with Article XIII, Section 1 of PHRA’s currently enacted Bylaws, notification of any change to the By-Laws must be provided to Shareholders at least two weeks before any final action is taken. This email and the link to the enhanced/amended By-Laws serves as this notification. Important points:

1.  Summary of Enhanced/Amended By-Laws
a. Please be advised that the existing language in Article I, Section 2 of our existing/currently enacted By-Laws pertaining to geographic boundaries did not change
b. Enhancements were made to the following:
•  Electronic voting and notices
•  Clarifies suspension steps for shareholders and renters and ability to enforce late payment issues
•  Removes all the spring newsletter procedures and streamlining notices of dues
•  Clarifying an ambiguity around the ability to sell real estate: requires 2/3rds vote of all shareholders, not 2/3rds of quorum; generally, the board can’t change by-laws that impact fiduciary restrictions without shareholder approval
•  Streamlines election procedures and notices
•  Allows the number of Directors to be 9, given the difficulty in getting people to serve
•  Removes of ability to transfer share with house sale for shares sold after Effective Date
•  Generally codifies best practices where applicable

2. Enhanced/Amended By-Law Location
a. The enhanced/amended By-Laws can be accessed through the front page of PHRA’s website ( Alternatively, the By-Laws can be directly accessed through the following link: Enhanced/Amended By-Laws

3. Enhanced/Amended By-Law Comments
a. Comments can be provided by shareholders verbally in person at the April 30, 2024 meeting. They can also be submitted in writing by shareholders beforehand and sent to

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