Board Meeting – 6/6/23 @7:30PM

The PHRA board president, Marc DeLuca, proposes the following agenda: 

1. Approval of the May board meeting minutes 
2. Treasurer report: Financial report to include dues collection and current cash balances and YTD statement. 
3. Committee discussions   
i. Pool: Rob
1. Snack bar (Todd)
2. Other
ii. Tennis: John
1. Light retro-fit
2. Contract update
iii. Membership: James
1. Meet & Greet
iv. Grounds: Greg 
v. Social: Kelsey
1. Food Trucks Schedule & Poster
2. Happy Hour
3. Other
vi. Long Range & Capital: Marc 
1. Railing project
2. New sign (Allison)
4. Open Discussion

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